Chlorine-Resistant Fabric Technology

Chlorine-Resistant Fabric Technology
06/15/2018 Marketing
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Chlorine Resistant Fabric

With summer starting, swimsuits will become a part of daily wear. That means it is critical to have swim fabric that can hold up to anything the waters throw on us. Stay looking good all summer long with swim fabric that offers chlorine resistance! Pine Crest Fabrics offers chlorine-resistant swim fabrics that have Creora® Highclo™. But what exactly is this Highclo technology?

Creora® Highclo™

Creora Highclo is a superior chlorine-resistant spandex that offers lasting shape retention and fit. The manufacturer saw the opportunity to meet the consumer’s demand for quality, fit, and performance in the swim market. The Creora Highclo design overcomes the vulnerability spandex has to chlorine damage. It prevents spandex degradation from elements such as swimming pool chlorine and chlorine bleach used for laundry washing. This technology creates the ideal swimwear fabric that improves fabric durability!

Creora Highclo is a brand of the high-power performance family of Creora products. It provides higher elasticity with outstanding quality, consistency, and knitting efficiencies in circular and warp knitting. Not only is this a higher-power spandex/elastane, but it also provides excellent compression and shaping after extended use. This technology holds power longer after exposure to chlorine to provide superior fit and shape retention!

chlorine resistant fabric, swim fabric, compression fabricchlorine resistant fabric, swim fabric, compression fabric

What is the Customer Value?

  • Delivers a higher level of chlorine resistance
  • Longer lasting fit & shape retention
  • Provides compression & shaping in garments

As you can see, Creora Highclo is a superior technology in swimwear providing high-quality, chlorine-resistant swimwear fabric. You can find out more about Creora Highclo here!