Innovations in Activewear Fabrics

Innovations in Activewear Fabrics
10/03/2011 admin

Activewear has come a long way!  After a workout, most activewear knit clothing ends up piled in a hamper.  The latest technology ensures you won’t want to take your workout clothes off!

There is a huge trend for shapewear to be added to workout clothes.  Not only can this provide support and resistance, but it keeps you feeling slim in your skin tight yoga pants.  Clothing manufacturers, such as Reebok, have even recently added resistance bands to the fabric of work out tops and leggings.  Many of these manufacturers claim their resistance clothing will give you a work out any time you are moving your muscles.


Even more extreme activewear fabrics have become very popular among many celebrities.  Now you can purchase activewear that is not only shapewear, but it can improve the health of your skin!  Cellulite minimizers and vitamin E have been added to the knit fabrics of your most comfortable clothes.  Skineez is just one of the companies offering the benefits of a body wrap in your workout clothes.

Just another innovation in the activewear apparel industry!  I’m excited to find out where it’s going next!
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