Press Release: Pine Crest Fabrics Announces New Website

Press Release: Pine Crest Fabrics Announces New Website
03/30/2018 Marketing

Pine Crest Fabrics Proudly Announces the Launch of Their New Website

The site has been redesigned to showcase the wide range of fabrics available and to better meet the needs of customers, reports



(Portland, OR) Pine Crest Fabrics proudly announces the launch of their new website for the company. The new site showcases the many fashion-forward styles of wholesale fabric for sale in 2018. Pine Crest is known for providing a large variety of stretch fabrics and the redesigned website allows visitors to find what they need quickly and easily. Swim, dance, skating, athletic apparel, yoga, and gymnastics markets around the world benefit from the discount fabric. Every business in these industries should be sure to browse the updated site.

Activewear Fabric

“Spandex is actually an anagram of the word ‘expands’ because that is exactly what this fabric is designed to do. It moves with the user making it perfect for activewear of every activity. The fabric is lightweight, strong, and versatile, ensuring athletes and performers never have to worry about anything when wearing this fabric. Furthermore, spandex provides a number of other benefits,” Molly Laird, Marketing Manager for Pine Crest Fabrics, explains.

One reason people choose spandex for their activewear is the fabric won’t deteriorate when exposed to sweat and oils from the body. This can be of concern with certain materials offered today. In addition, detergents and ointments often needed by a performer won’t damage the fabric. Individuals who dance, swim, skate and more don’t typically have the time to keep replacing their activewear as their focus remains on training. When spandex is selected, the need to regularly replace outfits worn during the sport diminishes.

Another major benefit of spandex is it molds to the skin. The performer or athlete does not need to worry about their clothing interfering with the movement of the body. However, the material stretches as the individual moves. In fact, spandex can expand up to 600 percent of its original length and return to its former shape when not in use.

This material, first introduced in 1962, was discovered when researchers when looking for alternatives to rubber. Today it can be purchased in a wide range of colors, prints, and patterns. Many new fabric options have been introduced this year and are available at Pine Crest Fabrics.

Laird continues, “Spandex is so versatile that it is now used in a variety of clothing types. Many jeans are made with spandex to adapt to the body of the wearer, and this is only one example of spandex use in the fashion industry. However, we limit our fabric selection to those items suitable for activewear, as this is what we do best. Stop by our site today to see the new styles available for 2018. You are sure to fall in love with a number of them!”

About Pine Crest Fabrics

Pine Crest Fabrics, Inc. provides wholesale spandex fabric, both stocked and custom made, for a wide range of activewear markets around the world, including swim, dance, gymnastics, skating, yoga, and athletic apparel. Some of the base cloths to print custom prints onto include Repreve® recycled polyester fabrics made from 100% recycled materials. Made from plastic bottles, these materials are put to good use again in their eco-friendly fabric options! Another popular option is the Moisture-Wicking Supplex that holds its shape during any performance while keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. With many more options, this is just a sneak peek into the options that Pine Crest Fabric provides for all its customers.

From velvet fabric to swim fabric, Pine Crest Fabrics provides the latest in activewear fabric in prints and solids. They give customers the option of having solid color fabrics or custom print fabrics to make each customer have their own one-of-a-kind fabric experience. Pine Crest also has fabric options that have UPF protection for those in the sun, moisture-wicking capabilities to keep dry, compression for muscle control, and chlorine resistance for days in the water. The best kinds of fabrics for any activity. Pine Crest is continually researching the latest fabric trends and patterns to give customers the best in high-performance fabric and the new website makes it easy to fulfill all activewear fabric needs!



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