One more step to the best service: PCF reduced shipping rates

One more step to the best service: PCF reduced shipping rates
04/10/2024 Kirill Sholin

We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic update about adding more value to our customers’ PCF shopping experience. We started a partnership with a new shipping partner to offer lower shipping rates. This change is one more step forward as we aim to provide the best service with various shipping options to meet your needs. This blog post answers the most popular questions about delivery updates.

  1. How much will I save with your new shipping company?
    You save up to 30% for your fabric shipments within the USA.
  2. How does this change impact on the delivery speed?
    The delivery time within the USA is 1-7 days. The average shipping time from our stock in Portland to California is two days.
  3. What about delivery quality?
    Our main goal was to provide the best prices for our customers without any quality risks.

Here is the list of our primary requirements for the shipping provider.

  • High on-time delivery rates and careful transportation are essential. Our reputation and customer satisfaction depend on many factors, including the quality of delivery.
  • Global Reach. We ship fabrics worldwide, ensuring our shipping partner can cover every location.
  • Tracking Capabilities. It’s essential to monitor the status of shipments in real-time.
  • Customs Expertise. The shipping company should have considerable expertise in navigating customs regulations for international shipments.
  1. Can you deliver the fabrics to other countries (not the USA)?
    Yes, we can ship worldwide, except in sanctioned regions. Contact us for more information.

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