Classic Cheetah Holo

Classic Cheetah Holo

Classic Cheetah Holo


  • 83% Polyester, 17% Spandex
  • 56/58”
  • 200GSM

Material Use: 

This Classic Cheetah Holo is perfect for gymnastics, skating, rave, dance, and any activewear market! With such vibrant shimmers when these stretch fabrics catch the light, your collection is sure to bring the dazzle.

Please note, this style is NOT STOCKED until we have enough commitments. Commit to a roll of fabric and soon the fabric can be yours. Once we have enough commitments for the fabric, we will order production and have your fabric ready for you.

Call a sales representative to get your commitment in now: 844-827-4206

Those with the  icon mean they have commitments already and are close to being ordered!

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