Trend Report: Wicking Fabric

Trend Report: Wicking Fabric
10/18/2018 Marketing
Wicking Fabric

NEW Wicking Fabric

An exciting new announcement in the world of activewear! The NEWEST in wicking fabric technology is being featured in our upcoming mailer! This Dryswitch technology wicks away moisture from the body in as little as 30 seconds. No more uncomfortable wet fabric against your skin! This fabric technology ensures that the fabric against your skin is cool and dry during any activity!

As we know from a previous post, a basic tee or pant made from something like cotton causes sweat to soak the material. This traps the moisture between the surface of the fabric and your skin, making it impossible to evaporate. Not only would you feel damp, but this also runs the risk of making you feel overheated or too cold. Moisture-wicking material is different. This material has tiny capillaries (or very small openings) that give liquid the ability to flow to the surface of the material for evaporation. The Hydro-Channel technology that these fabrics have bring forwards the latest technology in capillaries that allows moisture to wick away faster than its predecessors.

Wicking Technology

Like the video shows, these new fabrics have a textured side that lays against the wearer. This allows the Hydro-Channel technology to transport sweat to the outer layer for a cool, dry material against the skin. Granted the amount of water we poured is more than a normal person produces at one time. So we think that the fact that it wicks away that amount in less than 45 seconds is amazing!

The textured material not only gives an added level to activewear but is also incredibly comfortable against the wearer. Not only that, the outer layer of the fabric is a chic heathered look that is the hottest trend in the market. These give you a mixture of textures and designs that create modern and fashionable looks that we all want in activewear! And it keeps wearers dry during their favorites activities!

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