Grammy Whammys

Grammy Whammys
02/14/2012 admin

The only reason why I watch the Grammys?  I am all about the fashion and the fabrics!  Here’s how some of the top stars rated in my book:

Best Use of the “It” Fabric:


Adele:  Adele sparkled in this sequin-studded black mesh dress.  Mesh fabrics are popping up everywhere!  The feminine silhouette created by the mesh softened the structured lines of her dress for an award-winning look.


Best Use of Spandex:


Katy Perry performed in a futuristic metallic body suit.  Thank goodness for the spandex blend that allowed this skin-tight number to stretch far enough for her awkward dance moves.  Sorry boys, no wardrobe malfunction this time thanks to our favorite stretch fabric!   


Worst Dressed Performer:


There is no question that Rihanna was the worst-dressed performer at the Grammys.  Not only did she abuse the star fabric of the day with her cropped mesh top, but she turned her nylon-spandex blend tights into something that resembled Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”


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