Compression Stretch Fabrics

Compression Stretch Fabrics
November 3, 2011 admin

I can’t seem to get that Old Navy commercial out of my head… “Don’t jiggle it, when you wiggle it…” They couldn’t have picked a better song to get me interested in compression active wear.

For hundreds of years, doctors have been using compression to reduce swelling from the inflammatory process.  Recently, compression has become a performance enhancing technology in active wear knit clothing for athletes everywhere.

Compression clothing is designed to conform exactly to the body’s shape while the stretch fabric adds a small amount of pressure to the skin.  Wearing this tight, spandex knitted apparel has been proven in multiple studies to increase blood flow by 30%.  This helps to increase muscle power and stamina, reduce fatigue, and speed up muscle recovery.

Compression apparel is usually constructed from stretch fabric in a blend of different fibers.  Synthetic fibers have finally proven themselves as superior alternatives to 100% cotton fabrics due to their ability to resist absorbing moisture.  I prefer work out clothing with spandex in the fiber blend.  Spandex helps the moisture to be evenly dispersed over the skin by increasing surface area, which leads to faster evaporation.



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