01/30/2012 admin

Cosmeto-what?!  Cosmetotextiles are a form of “wearable skincare.”  It seems everyone is searching for new forms of well-being, and this might just be the trend to watch in stretch fabrics!

This new technology has stretch fabrics printed with bio-based microparticles that are continuously released for cosmetic or medical benefit.  Manufacturers of these super active-wear fabrics claim they can give our skin vitamins, moisture, and even reduce cellulite.

But how does this fabric know when to release its anti-cellulite treatment?  Changes in the atmosphere such as increased body temperature or humidity, changes in surface pH, and even friction can trigger a release of the microparticles.

Months ago, I was gifted some socks that claimed to release shea butter into my skin while I slept.  My feet don’t feel any softer… so I remain skeptical.

'Encapsulated cosmetics in textiles.'


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