Glitter Velvets

Glitter Velvets
August 22, 2011 admin

There has recently been a number of calls concerning the future of out glittered velvet program.  It is true that the market for stretch velvets knits (or stretch velours) has declined in the past several years. Glitter stretch velvets have seen a similar drop in production. This does not mean that stretch velvets are unavailable by any means, only that companies have chosen not to stock the goods. Rest assured, we will continue to stock them and are in fact currently adding new and exciting colorways!

A new item has come to the market called MetaFoil velvets. This item is different because instead of glitter being applied directly to the fabric, a foil is applied by a pin-size dot cylinder.  This allows for more stability in coverage and does not shed like glitter velvet which can be troublesome for some manufacturers.  However, there are some draw backs to the MetaFoil Velvet.  Most notably, it does not have the sparkle that the glitter velvets can achieve.  In some angles the velvet pile will hide the foil completely, so the direction the garment is sewn is very important.


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