“Scan”-dex Fabrics

“Scan”-dex Fabrics
02/29/2012 admin

Quick Response codes are two-dimensional bar codes originally designed for the automotive industry to allow information to be decoded at high speeds.  Thanks to our trusty smart phones, we all have scanners to decipher these codes right in our pockets.

QR codes can give customers immediate access to what is relevant, which is exactly the way I like my information: fast and concise.  From real estate listings to coffee cups, QR codes are printed on everything nowadays!  You can even find QR codes printed on stretch fabrics!

At Pine Crest Fabrics, we pride ourselves in our ability to make your custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind print design.  Do you want your active-wear apparel to be a walking billboard for your company?  We can generate a QR code that links right to your website or a specific promotion and print it on your favorite active-wear spandex fabric.

Scan the code above and see where it takes you!


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