Scandalous Spandex

Scandalous Spandex
04/11/2012 admin

The first season of Dance Moms Miami is off to a crazy start!  Last night the second episode of the season aired, revealing outrageous behavior that I thought could only be displayed by infamous Abby Lee Miller of the original Dance Moms.  If you like mom on mom showdowns, you have found your program!

Through all the chaos, the one thing I count on to hold fast after being stretched to its limits is the spandex!  The unusual costume choice for one group number (shown above) reminds me of adult content I dare not speak of… However, the judges seem to like the nylon spandex blends that made it all possible! 

While I prefer the slightly more conservative costumes of the original Lifetime hit Dance Moms, Dance Moms Miami is certainly setting trends for young dancers everywhere!  And the guy behind the scenes in charge of censoring?  He needs a raise for all the extra blurring this year!


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