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Pick-A-Print Program 

Ready to create your very own custom print fabric? You’ve come to the right place. With PCF’s Pick-A-Print Program, you have ultimate flexibility when designing your very own custom print fabric. Use your own design or browse our vast print libraries to create the perfect printed fabric for your next collection. First, find your ideal base cloth option(s) below. Next, pick a print from our four print libraries or submit your own print in our Print Submission Form. Finally, enjoy your new, unique printed fabric! Find out more about how we can help you create the exact print you had in mind by working with our design team. Contact us today to get your prints in production!

Note: Production lead time may vary. Contact your sales representative to arrange a specific shipment.

Printable Base Cloth Options

Printable Marathon, activewear fabric, print fabric, base cloth, base fabric

Printable Wicking Dharma, fabric to print on, printable fabric, printable base fabric, activewear fabric, yoga fabric

Print Libraries

Palm Paradise Paper, discount fabric

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