Jewels Collection

Jewels Collection

BTF070C18 | Sapphire Jewels

BTF070C16 | Lapis Lazuli Jewels

BTF070C15 | Turquoise Jewels

BTF070C12 | Amethyst Jewels

BTF070C9 | Ruby Jewels

BTF070C3 | El Dorado Jewels

BTF070C31 | Platinum Jewels

BTF080C4 | Moonstone Jewels

BTF070C1 | Obsidian Jewels

BTF2053C6 | Dark Teal Jewels

BTF080C1 | Diamond Jewels

  • 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
  • 56/58″
  • 200GSM

Material Use: 

Care Instructions:


What’s an apparel piece without some sparkle? Jewels Spandex is sure to make anyone shine! This knit tricot fabric has a four-way stretch and a flat foil. Jewels Spandex is perfect for dance, gymnastics, or any activewear market.

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