Loud Legging Prints Are Actually More Flattering Than You Think!

Loud Legging Prints Are Actually More Flattering Than You Think!
09/19/2016 admin

ImageSource: @Bandier

In today’s fashion world, athlesiure has taken center stage. Everywhere you look people are wearing trendy athletic wear and they’re not even headed to the gym. One of the main trends that keeps popping up on the radar is: loud legging prints. It seems the crazier the pattern the better! The trend is now wrapped up in the print rather than the name brand of the pair.

Now I know what your thinking.. you read the title of this post and thought…how could bright patterns actually be more flattering than the sleek black pair I own? The answer is simple: the eye naturally follows movement and if the pattern is “busy” the more the eye will look at the pattern than directly at the shape of your leg. So moral of the story, loud patterns will make your legs look better! Tip: A pattern that’s dark towards the top of your thigh and lighter at the bottom towards your ankle will flatter your leg shape. Reason being, the eye will focus towards the bottom of your leg first–which is the smallest part of your leg.

Another reason why loud leggings are more flattering is because they’re fun and showcase your personality. When you have on a pair of funky printed leggings it’s hard not to look cool, relaxed and fun to be around!


Here at Pine Crest we have numerous prints that fit this trend! Check out some of our most popular prints you can use for bold leggings:

Bright Color Block Printed Spandex | Stride

Stride | Bright color block print (View here!)

Colorful Explosion Fabric | Zack Attack

Zack Attack | Colorful explosion fabric (View here!)

Sea Glass Fabric | New World

New World (blue) | Sea Glass fabric (View here!)

colorful wave print

Acid Jazz | Colorful Wave Print (View here!)

Digital Camo Spandex (View here!) **available in pink,blue and white!**

Orange Blue Spandex Print

Denied | Orange blue spandex print (View here!)

Blown Glass Spandex Print | Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass | Blown glass spandex print (View here!)

If you are interested in learning more about our printed fabrics or want to place an order please call us at 844-827-4206 to speak to one of our sales representatives!!