12/22/2011 admin

Of all the clothing in my closet made with stretchy fabric, there is no doubt I would rather just wear my blue jeans.  This week I decided to wear my brand new pair of skinny jeans and squeezed into my favorite cotton-spandex blend fabric.

As the Portland rain started making my jeans wet, my hands and everything that came into contact with my jeans developed a bluish tinge.  What a crock of… well actually, crocking!

Crocking is the tendency of excess dyes to rub off one fabric onto another and is a very important colorfastness test.  As you discover quickly in Portland, crocking during wet testing is much more severe.

At Pine Crest Fabrics we know the importance of testing all of our stretch fabrics, especially our swimwear knits.  The industry sets standards and recommends tests in order to prevent the occurrence of crocking.  We meet and exceed all of these industry standards set for crocking for all of our stretch fabrics.

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