Dance Moms Raise the ‘Barre’ in Costume Wear

Dance Moms Raise the ‘Barre’ in Costume Wear
03/19/2012 admin

Dance Moms is the reality TV series about a group of young dancers from Pittsburg.  This show has taken off and set new expectations for young dancers everywhere- and for their costume designers!

Each time infamous dance studio instructor Abby creates a new routine for her group of dancers, she has a new costume designed to go with the theme of the dance.  These costumes have set stretch fabric trends that are popping up everywhere in the dance community!

Neon colors, like the hot pink shown on Maddie Ziegler above, have taken center stage.  In addition, the costumes on the show feature a number of stretch fabrics with texture such as ruffles or velvets with glitter or sequins stripes.   I like the one below!  Click on the picture to follow the link. 

RHPC2062A- Hot Pink Ruffles with Holo Chip


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