Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
10/31/2011 admin


While Halloween costumes originally began as a tradition to ward off evil spirits, these days anything goes! You will still see zombies, witches, and ghosts, but this year the latest in pop culture has taken over the costume shelves!

According to Time, the top three most searched for Halloween costumes are 1. Angry Birds, 2. Black Swan, 3. Playboy Bunny. However, according to the New York Daily News, rapper Nicki Minaj sweeps the number one most searched for costume on Google.  A great costume company that I really like is Chasing Fireflies. They have the cutest costumes for kids and they are done in higher quality fabrics. Check their site out at www.chasing-fireflies.com

With the online shoppers we see slightly different trends and a lot more spandex fabric to squeeze into. Sortprice.com noted that for adult costumes Captain America, the Green Lantern, and Where’s Waldo were the best sellers. The first two costumes use a lot of spandex fabric! Yay… or Nay?

Why do I love Halloween so much? It could be my addiction to chocolate. Or maybe it’s because this is the one time of year it is okay to wear crazy make up and an outfit made entirely of spandex. Yes, even if you are a guy.




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