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You see them everywhere and you can’t help but wonder… Are they jeans or are they leggings?  To understand this trend that has stormed the fashion industry, let us investigate further.

The origins of denim begin in the 1850s when Levi Strauss made the first pair of denim work pants.  James Dean brought these into popular culture in the 1950s as a sign of teenage revolution.  By the 1970s jeans were common for everyday fashion.  Designer denim was introduced in the 1990s and with the addition of spandex, the skinny jean soon followed (

Eventually, this trend towards skinny jeans brought about demand for even tighter pants with all the comfort of a spandex legging.  And so, the jegging was born.

Jegging-  [jeg-ing] noun–  close-fitting knit pants made to resemble denim; denim/spandex blend pants with the elasticity of a legging

Who can wear jeggings you ask?  While this originated as a women’s fashion look, men can wear jeggings too!  The proof?  Last December Conan O’Brien began an episode of his self-titled talk show by revealing a faded blue pair of jeggings.  “I’m never taking them off!” says O’Brien (


As 2011 comes to an end, we can look back on this as the year we could finally welcome ‘jegging’ to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Men, leave this look to the ladies.


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