Men in Tights

Men in Tights
12/05/2011 admin

We have all been waiting for it.  The best day of the year comes in just 20 days…
The NBA is back and scheduled to begin on December 25th!

The real reason for the lock out?  My guess?  Leggings.  NBA officials have been battling these stretchy spandex tights for the last five years.  Yet many players insist that wearing full-length spandex knit leggings under their uniform shorts keep their muscles warmer than anything seen previously in the NBA.

While it is a fact that compressed muscles perform better, some players are still being accused of liking the “look” of stretchy spandex tights.  Milwaukee’s Andrew Bogut has been an advocate for the benefits of his spandex compression leggings saying, “I don’t like how it looks, but I don’t play basketball for looks.”

Here’s to the new men in tights.


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