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Erdem Spring 2012; Pine Crest Fabrics Floral Pick-A-Print

As I researched the popular prints we can expect to see on fabrics for 2012, I was especially surprised by the photographic prints.  These photographic prints are a nod to the Photorealism art trend inspired by Pop Art of the 1950s.  This is why the artistic fabric prints work so well with the vintage 1950s feel of many of the Spring/Summer 2012 lines.  Soft and meadowy floral printed fabrics seem to be everywhere, as seen above in Erdem’s spring line.

Interested in taking this look from the runway to your favorite stretch active wear fabric?  Our Pick-A-Print collection has a huge library of artwork such as photo-realistic artwork seen on the fabric swatch above.  We can print your favorite artwork on to any of 12 base clothes.  Click the image above to visit our Pick-A-Prints page.




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