Spandex Sparkle

Spandex Sparkle
05/08/2012 admin

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on TLC has me seeing stretch fabric in a whole new light.  Spandex fabric is a staple for gymnastics, dance and costume wear.  But according to the Gypsies on the TLC show, it is also used to attract a husband.

In Gypsy culture, girls are forbidden to flirt with boys or have any physical contact with them before marriage.  So, the way to get a guy’s attention is through fancy dress.  Each party or special occasion is a competition for the girls to look the best, sparkle the most, and wear the sexiest outfit.

As seen above, 14-year-old Priscilla’s dance outfit for her Halloween party gives even our Sparkly Jewels fabric some competition.  Every square inch of this skin-tight spandex get up is loaded with more crystals than a “gorger,” or non-gypsy, girl will wear in her entire life.  If you want to experience the sparkle of Priscilla’s outfit, try our Shattered Glass fabric we call Kaleidoscope (below).


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