Star Gazer 4th of July printed Fabric

Star Gazer 4th of July printed Fabric
08/30/2012 admin

Star Gazer


Our newest Pick-A-Print design! This is our very own Star Gazer MIR 285-57 print. RED-WHITE-BLUE prints are in demand! Remember at Pine Crest Fabrics you can choose this design to be printed on on any fabric of your choice. Mix it up and print it on our foil or Jewel foils fabrics, you pick!

Just in time for the USA Paralympics, Greta Neimas is already sporting stars on her spandex. Greta is cycling away on her second Paralympic Games in London. She is a seven time national champ, 13-time world championship medalist!!

She sports tattoos, wears tall socks and is self described as “quirky”. Born without a left arm below her elbow, Neimanas never let her disability stop her from trying anything. Your Go Greta!
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