The American Revolution… against jeans

The American Revolution… against jeans
01/19/2012 admin

Denim is the American classic.  In the year 2010, the denim industry was worth about $16 billions dollars.  Since the birth of the jegging, this is the only category reporting significant new growth in denim in the last few years.  In fact, from 2009 to 2010, sales of jeggings jumped from about $88 million to a tremendous $178 million!

What is the secret to the perfect pair of stretch denim leggings?  The right fabric!  Our new denim stretch fabric has all the comfort of our active wear knit fabrics with the look of a denim twill weave.  The dark wash on this stretch fabric simulates the wash of a premium denim weave, perfect for the most comfortable and durable stretch jeggings!


This month only we are offering this fabric for $3.95/yard for a full roll and $4.95/yard for a cut roll.  This incredible price is only good through the end of January so call now and get your jeggings on!


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