Half a Million Less Plastic Bottles: PCF Kept Momentum with Recycled Fabrics in 2023

Half a Million Less Plastic Bottles: PCF Kept Momentum with Recycled Fabrics in 2023
01/12/2024 Zonel Picadizo
Recycled Fabrics Repreve Bottle

This past year, Pine Crest Fabrics stayed on track with its eco-friendly mission and turned over 500,000 plastic bottles into high-quality recycled fabrics by participating in the REPREVE® sustainability program. It’s all part of our ongoing plan to keep things green and clean in the world of textiles. Since 2018, we have sold recycled fabrics made from 4 million plastic bottles.


Which REPREVE® Recycled Polyester Fabrics We Sold in 2023

 Discover our best-selling recycled fabrics and learn how many plastic bottles were given a new life in our textiles.

  • Endurance Light: bottles per yard: 13; total bottles recycled: 355,082.
  • Endurance Heavy: bottles per yard: 17; total bottles recycled: 18,342.
  • Virtue: bottles per yard: 13; total bottles recycled 53,430.
  • Valor: bottles per yard: 18; total bottles recycled: 38,826.
  • Other Fabrics: Averaging 13 bottles per yard, accounted for an additional 40,170 bottles.



Why We Choose REPREVE®

Our selection of REPREVE® fabrics is a testament to our dedication to superior quality and environmental responsibility:

  • Certified by U TRUST®, GRS, and other renowned systems, ensuring authenticity and traceability.
  • REPREVE® stands out as a sustainable option crafted from recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer waste, sourced globally. The transformation process creates premium yarns, ideal for an array of textiles without any compromise on quality, appearance, or functionality.
  • Through this innovative technology, REPREVE® grants plastic bottles a new lease on life—preventing them from polluting our oceans and cluttering our landfills.


Check Out PCF Recycled Collection

Explore our REPREVE® wholesale fabrics for activewear and learn how you can contribute to eco-friendly fashion. By choosing our recycled materials, you’re not just picking out fabric—you’re joining a movement that’s all about making the industry more eco-conscious.

  • The Endurance Repreve® Collection is one of the best choices for activewear. These sustainable fabrics offer 4-way stretch for superior shape retention during any activity. Available in over 20 in-stock solid colors, and in prints.
  • The Virtue Repreve® Collection, made for swim and activewear, is available in 3 in-stock solid colors, and in prints.
  • Valor Repreve® Collection offers 4-way stretch for excellent shape retention in any activity. It’s available in-stock in classic black and PFP white, perfect for printing.

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