Unveiling 2025 Swimwear Trends: Selecting the best fabrics for the next year’s designs

Unveiling 2025 Swimwear Trends: Selecting the best fabrics for the next year’s designs
05/31/2024 Kirill

Get ready for a captivating blend of swimwear trends set to dominate 2025. Inspired by David Shah’s trend predictions, we, at Pine Crest Fabrics, have selected the best fabrics to align with these exciting trends, from eco-conscious materials for sustainability-focused designs to luxurious, high-tech fabrics for glamorous and playful styles. Discover how these trends are shaping future swimwear collections in this blog post.

  1. Exuberant Swimwear: In 2025, designs will feature vivid details like hyper-color fabrics and luxurious touches that blend nostalgia with contemporary glamour.

Explore our Kira Matte Collection, the best-seller classic tricot with over 100 colors is available in our Portland stock.

  1. Conscious Choices: Sustainability continues to be a priority, with swimwear embracing muted colors and recycled materials. This trend highlights a shift towards eco-conscious fashion.

PCF offers a wide variety of recycled materials:

  • FishTale: This innovative and exclusive fabric, made from a 100% recycled blend of polyester and spandex, ensures your swimwear is chlorine-resistant and retains its shape after swimming. We currently have black stocked in our Portland warehouse; over 100 colors are available by the single (77 yard) roll.
  • Orion Rec: A stretch fabric featuring UV protection and chlorine resistance, available by the roll. This textile is one of the first shiny nylon fabrics made with recycled fibers and is available in 48 trend colors in a single roll.
  • Cloud Rec Collection: One of our best-sellers is this light, ultra-soft recycled fabric. Stocked in our Portland warehouse in 5 neutral colors. It is also available in 103 colors for ordering by the single roll.
  1. Comfort and Serenity: The “At Ease” trend focuses on comfort, serenity, and subtle luxury. Neutral and soft colors dominate, offering protection and empowerment. Swimwear is updated with textural interest and a subtle sheen for a cozy and elevated aesthetic.

Explore our eco-lux swimwear fabrics from the Fahrenheit Collection (Made-to-Order), made with recycled fibers and finspired by vibrant, romantic, and relaxed vibes.

  1. Nature and Magic

Inspired by natural elements and mystical themes, this trend features earthy colors from brown and green to dark purple. Gothic and shamanistic influences merge with natural aesthetics, creating intriguing and environmentally tuned swimwear.

  1. Technology and Play

Embracing digital influences, the “Transformed” trend reflects a playful, AI-driven approach. Bright colors and eccentric designs draw inspiration from the ’90s rave culture, manga, and Harajuku styles, showcasing a youthful, energetic vibe.

These stocked prints are available immediately for your collection. You can also explore your own pattern designs for 2025 swimwear collections with our vast collection of tricots, recycled fabrics, and over 10,000 prints in digital libraries. Want an exclusive color or print? Contact us, and our fabric specialist will introduce you to our custom printing options.