In-Stock Kira Matte Tricot Collection

In-Stock Kira Matte Tricot Collection

In-Stock Kira Matte Tricot Collection

  • 80% Nylon, 20% Creora® HighClo™ Spandex
  • 59″
  • 195GSM


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The Kira Matte Tricot Collection is the perfect fabric for swimsuits and beachwear and is one of our best-selling products. Here are a few reasons why fashion designers choose this fabric.

  1. Chlorine Resistance. This stretch swimwear fabric is made from Creora® HighClo™ Spandex yarn that provides the highest level of chlorine resistance, which holds the shape and fit of your swim and beach suits.
  2. High UV Protection: This fabric is designed to provide substantial protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, making it a safe choice for outdoor wear, especially in environments with intense sunlight.
  3. Color Retention. The nylon-spandex blend helps maintain vibrant colors, resisting fading from sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater swimming. This quality ensures that designs remain bright and appealing through multiple wears and washes.
  4. Ideal for Custom Printing: The fabric’s smooth and consistent surface makes it perfect for detailed, high-quality print applications.
  5. Flexibility and Comfort. Including spandex and four-way stretch offers exceptional flexibility, allowing for various movements. This fabric’s soft texture, combined with its stretchability, ensures superior comfort and fit.

Our Kira Matte beachwear fabric is OEKO-TEX and Higg Index-certified, which means that this material is free from harmful chemicals and made with care for the environmental sustainability. The fabric can also be made using recycled nylon.

Ask your Fabric Specialist about adding antimicrobial treatments today at 844-827-4206

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