Fashion Face Masks Trend

Fashion Face Masks Trend
04/24/2020 Amanda Blackman

The CDC now advises everyone to use a face barrier when out of the house to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s an undeniable fact that the face mask is the must-have accessory for Spring 2020. At Pine Crest Fabrics, we have been closely monitoring how the fashion industry has shifted gears to provide masks for the general population that is anything but ordinary. In this trend update, we share our most recent inspirations; fashion companies pivoting to making masks which have lead to the rise of stylish face masks using novelty fabrics and new prints. 

Face Mask, but Make it Fashion!

Since mid-March 2020, there have been many companies, small and large, veering their garment productions to include various types of personal protection equipment (PPE) for medical and general uses. The most popular item has been the face mask, with endless examples of fashion brands shifting to this  vital new accessory. According to a blog post on April 7th, from Etsy’s chief executive, Josh Silverman, listings for face masks had increased five-fold. At Pine Crest Fabrics, we’ve been working closely with brands across North America to supply fabrics for the creation of colorful and uplifting general use masks. 


Print & Pattern, an easy way to express yourself!

By far, the most significant trend in face masks is using fun prints and patterns to create unique styles. Tapping into current print trends within high fashion, many brands are using tie-dye effects, bright psychedelic swirls, and refreshing floral repeats. For those making masks, there’s an opportunity to select a print to match every mood and outfit. Our Product Strategy Director, Jena Nesbitt, had a great time deciding some of Pine Crest’s in-stock prints to create the fabulous illustrations below.



Finding the perfect fabric is the first step in creating a fashionable face mask designed for non-medical uses. It’s the ideal opportunity to embrace creativity while keeping yourself and others safe when in public. To learn more about our in-stock fabric and PPE options, please contact us! 


Get inspired with our Pinterest board, while staying safe!