ColorLock: An Innovative Fabric that Protects Swimwear from Chlorine and Fading

ColorLock: An Innovative Fabric that Protects Swimwear from Chlorine and Fading
03/18/2024 Zonel Picadizo
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Pine Crest Fabrics presents ColorLock – the innovative swimwear fabric that preserves color and maintains form in chlorinated environments, withstanding the harsh effects of the sun and promising durability without sacrificing style. This premium material addresses the common issues of color fading and fabric degradation caused by chlorine exposure.

colorlockColorLock Fade Proof Interlock (FRE1012C1)

What Sets ColorLock Apart from Other Swimwear Fabrics

ColorLock combines a unique blend of dope-dyed polyester with the exclusive XLANCE® (Lastol) technology, that retains swimwear’s color and structural integrity, even after repeated use in chlorinated water.

Innovative Material Technology: The sustainable elastic yarn by XLANCE® (LASTOL technology) offers durability, stretch, and exceptional thermal and chemical resistance even in challenging situations, like being in chlorine water for a long time. The XLANCE® fiber is created through a clean melt spinning process that doesn’t use harmful chemicals like DMAC or DMF, which makes it safer for the environment. Plus, it’s easier to recycle, helping reduce pollution and make the fashion industry more eco-friendly.

Watch the XLANCE®’s video to learn more about this innovative material.

The image is the property of XLANCE®.

Chlorine Proof: With ColorLock, swimmers can enjoy their time in the pool without worrying about the damaging effects of chlorine on their swimwear. Our fabric’s advanced technology guarantees resistance to chlorine, helping swimwear maintain its original condition.

Fade Proof: Our fabric combats the fading effects of sunlight and chlorinated water thanks to its high colorfastness rating. Swimwear made with ColorLock will continue to look vibrant and new, even with regular use.

Superior Stretch and Recovery: Designed to support athletic performance, ColorLock offers exceptional stretch and recovery properties. This ensures a comfortable, snug fit, making it ideal for competitive and leisure swimming along with other high-performance sports.

Durability and Comfort: Beyond its resistance to fading and chlorine, ColorLock stands out for its durability. It outlasts traditional swimwear fabrics, offering a soft, comfortable fit that swimmers can rely on repeatedly.

Eco-Conscious Choice: A pivotal advantage of ColorLock is its low microplastics release. Tests reveal that fabrics with XLANCE® exhibit negligible microfiber shedding compared to those with traditional spandex, even after exposure to sunscreen and sunlight, simulating typical beachwear and outdoor use. This positions ColorLock as a sustainable fabric option that doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance.

The image is the property of XLANCE®.

Fabric Durability Is Proven in a Real Environment

We did extensive tests of the ColorLock in real-life applications to prove the quality of the material.

Our athlete Kris has tested a swim brief made from ColorLock, for 54 sessions, accumulating over 53 hours in the pool, including 13 sessions in the hot tub. This intense usage simulates a high exposure to chlorinated water and heat, conditions that challenge the resilience of swimwear fabrics.

The swim brief was subjected to a simple but effective care routine. It was rinsed with fresh water without soap, indicating that ColorLock fabric can maintain its integrity without requiring complex procedures.

After tests, the fabric performed exceptionally well, maintaining its structure and appearance even after numerous uses. This attests to the fabric’s chlorine-proof and color fade-proof qualities and suitability for prolonged use in harsh swimming conditions.

The Ideal Solution for Swimwear

For those seeking a swimwear fabric that harmonizes function with lasting visual appeal, ColourLock is the answer. It ensures that swimwear supports athletic performance and retains its vibrant color and shape, establishing it as a superior choice for both competitive and casual swimsuits.

Step into the next generation of swimwear with ColorLock, where enduring quality meets visual excellence.

Order a swatch of ColorLock fabric today and explore the quality and resilience that sets our fabric apart.

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