Olympics Inspiration: The Best Fabrics for Performance Activewear

Olympics Inspiration: The Best Fabrics for Performance Activewear
03/27/2024 Kirill Sholin
Sportswear Fabric

At PCF we are inspired by the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris, looking ahead at the future and collecting the best fabrics for performance activewear suited for popular Olympic sports. Discover the innovative fabrics and unique prints collection that might shape the next wave of Olympic apparel for swimming, gymnastics, running, and tennis.

Swimming: Durability, Stretch and Style

Fabrics for swimwear The ideal fabrics for swimwear are chlorine-resistant and UV-protective, retain color after frequent water and sun exposure and offer supportive yet non-restrictive stretch. The materials with these features boost hydrodynamics for smoother, drag-minimized swimming.

  • ColorLock. This innovative chlorine-proof and color fade-resistant fabric retains its shape, stretch, and color even after over 50 hours in chlorine water. It’s the ideal choice for sports and casual swimsuit collections.
  • Nautilus. This recycled fabric made with cutting-edge XLANCE® technology has ideal features for swimwear, such as chlorine-proof, oil-resistant, UV-resistant, and colorfastness. It is available in over 70 colors and has a low minimum order quantity.
  • Fishtail. The 100% recycled, chlorine-resistant, and UV-protective fabric, preserves our planet’s precious resources. Available in various colors, it provides a premium feel for eco-conscious brands and athletes.
  • Kira. This classic tricot fabric combines UV protection with chlorine resistance, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and performance. Its smooth hand and ability to print beautifully with digital ink make it a versatile choice for competitive and leisure swimwear.

Gymnastics: Shine, Comfort Stretch and Recovery

Gymnastic fabric In gymnastics, performance costumes need to provide comfort, stretch, and recovery to allow athletes a full range of motion and incorporate elements of sparkle and dazzle to captivate the audience.

  • StarGlow. The exclusive fabric for costumes and gymnastics, made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, offers a spotlight effect under lights, combining foil and twinkle effects. Also, its comfortable stretch allows for the flawless execution of routines.
  • Printable Stretch Kaleidoscope Foil. The stretch fabric that shines with a shattered glass sparkle. This material is ideal for performance costumes; it prints beautifully and allows creative designs to stand out during competitions.
  • Stretch Velvet. This premium fabric adds a touch of glamour to gymnastics apparel. Its soft hand, combined with a comfortable stretch, makes it suitable for high-performance routines. The fabric’s versatility with surface designs like foil, print, and glitter opens various design possibilities.
  • Printable Stretch Jewels Foil. The fabric prints beautifully and shines with a classic foil glow. This fabric is made with a high-quality tricot base which allows for comfortable stretch that ensures athletes can perform their routines without restrictions.

Running: Wicking, Lightweight, and Abrasion Resistance

Running fabric For running, designers focus on materials that can wick away moisture, protect against the sun, and offer a soft hand for comfort over long distances. Fabrics for running apparel should also incorporate compression in stretch items to support muscle performance and recovery, be lightweight so as not to burden the athlete, and exhibit abrasion resistance to endure the wear and tear of training and competition.

  • Endurance. Our exclusive fabric combines a wicking finish, compression stretch, and UV protection. Made from Repreve™ Recycled Polyester, this eco-friendly textile ensures runners stay comfortable and focused on their goals.
  • Shark Stretch Woven. Lightweight and quick-drying, this fabric suits competitive and casual running. Its low-stretch woven structure and UV protection make it perfect for running apparel that moves with the body while protecting from the elements.
  • Bahia. The eco-friendly fabric is made from 75% recycled nylon. With its quick-dry technology, soft stretch, and lightweight texture, Bahia ensures runners remain cool and comfortable, no matter the distance. Available in over 100 colors.
  • Cloud Rec. The recycled fabric certified with GRS, OEKO-TEX, and Higg Index combines lightweight comfort, a smooth hand feel, chlorine resistance, breathability, and UV protection.

Tennis: Comfort, Dynamic, and Colorfastness

Tennis fabric Ideal Olympic-level tennis fabrics should offer breathability to manage heat and sweat, UV protection, and a gentle stretch to accommodate the dynamic movements of the game without compressing. All while being able to hold vibrant prints for team and national expressions.

  • The Perforated Mesh. This fabric is the ultimate combination of breathability and UV protection. Its lightweight and soft stretch characteristics ensure comfort and freedom of movement, making it a perfect choice for high-performance tennis wear.
  • FlexSoft. Designed to meet the demands of Olympic-level performance, offers superior UV protection, features a wicking finish to keep you dry, and a compressive stretch that supports without restricting movement. Flexsoft has a buttery soft hand that feels like a second skin, enhancing the wearer’s comfort throughout the match.
  • EcoFit Grace. EcoFit Grace. This fabric combines breathability and soft compression with the unique texture of DTY yarn, ensuring athletes feel comfortable on the court. It offers a low minimum order quantity and is available in over 100 colors.
  • Printable Marathon. Printable Marathon. This fabric benefits from UV protection and soft compression. It’s also a perfect base for sublimation printing, allowing for vibrant patterns that won’t fade.

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