Illuminate Your Design with New Foil Spandex Fabrics

Illuminate Your Design with New Foil Spandex Fabrics
12/15/2023 Lena Vasileva
Starglow Jewels Spandex Fabrics

Introducing Our StarGlow Jewels Collection: Unleash the Radiance of Your Design

Pine Crest Fabrics proudly unfurls an exclusive masterpiece for active and performance wear. Elevate your creations to new heights with this radiant fusion of foil and glitter. This collection is available exclusively at Pine Crest Fabrics. You can use it to design innovative and fashionable garments for active wear. Be the first to implement this brand-new metallic foil fabric and set an industry trend. Let your designs shine with the StarGlow Jewels Collection!

Fabric That Speaks Luxury

  • Composition: Crafted with precision, StarGlow Jewels boasts 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, ensuring luxurious quality and exceptional stretch.
  • High Coverage: This fabric is synonymous with opulence, providing increased coverage for designs that demand perfection.
  • Weight: At 235gsm, the StarGlow Jewels Collection strikes the ideal balance between comfort and substance.
  • In-Stock in Portland: We maintain a ready supply of this trendsetting fabric in Portland, ensuring swift access.
  • Trend Colors: Available in 10 trendsetting colors, the StarGlow Jewels Collection empowers your designs with a spectrum of possibilities. Don’t see the shade you need? Contact a fabric specialist to learn more about custom color orders.

Why StarGlow Jewels?

  1. Foil and Glitter Alchemy: The unique combination transforms under any spotlight and creates a captivating display.
  2. Test the Sparkle Yourself: Order a swatch and bask in the brilliance. Our gift flashlight ensures you witness the dynamic shimmer effect, a signature feature of this exclusive collection.
  3. Perfect for Dynamic Designs:  StarGlow Jewels Collection is made for costumes, dancewear, and artistic gymnastics. It adds an extra layer of magic to every movement and sets your creations apart.
  4. 2024 Olympics Inspired: This collection captures the spirit of the 2024 Olympics. It embodies the energy, vibrancy, and dynamism of the world’s grandest sporting event.

Why Choose StarGlow Jewels for Your Creations?

  • Only at PCF: This collection is a Pine Crest exclusive! Revel in the confidence that your designs will be one-of-a-kind. StarGlow Jewels are not available anywhere else in the United States.
  • Wholesale Fabric from a reliable provider: Pine Crest Fabrics offers StarGlow Jewels at competitive prices. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, stylish fabric, and affordable glamour.

StarGlow Jewels Spandex

Why Pine Crest Fabrics?

  • Quality Fabrics for All Activewear Markets. Since 1978, Pine Crest Fabrics has provided wholesale stretch fabrics for swim, dance, gymnastics, costume, and yoga.
  • Wide Selection of Prints and Fabrics. We offer a selection of hundreds of prints, solids, foils, and novelty fabrics.
  • Elevated service standards. Our specialists thoroughly analyze your needs and tailor the optimal solution to achieve your business goals.
  • Trendy and Fashionable. Pine Crest Fabrics is constantly updating fabric styles to keep up with current trends and fashion.
  • Expertise in Sourcing and Fabric. We specialize in helping new and existing brands build their business, from sample yardage to full rolls.

How to order?

To order foil fabrics from The StarGlow Jewels Collection, please contact our specialists today! Join Pine Crest Fabrics on LinkedIn and stay informed about the latest news, fashion trends, and fabric updates.