Eco&Trendy: Explore PCF’s Fahrenheit Activewear Fabrics Collection

Eco&Trendy: Explore PCF’s Fahrenheit Activewear Fabrics Collection
02/01/2024 Zonel Picadizo
Eco&Trendy: Explore PCF’s Fahrenheit Activewear Fabrics Collection

We are continuing to introduce our new 2024 fabric collections. If you are looking for eco-friendly, innovative, and trendy wholesale fabrics for new swimwear, sportswear, or yoga wear designs, consider Fahrenheit Collection by Pine Crest Fabrics. These recycled spandex fabrics are made with Italian knitting traditions, certified according to global ecological standards, aligned with the latest fashion trends, and available by a single roll.


EcoFit Recycled Collection: Comfort and Eco-Friendly Design Combined

The EcoFit Collection, with 103 color options, reflects our focus on environmental care and ethical development. The range includes different fabrics like EcoFit Sense and EcoFit Core, designed for eco-friendly activewear.


Recycled Shiny Nylon: Sustainable and Shiny Fabric Option

Our Recycled Shiny Nylon line, in 48 colors, blends luxury with sustainability. This fabric has been the first recycled shiny nylon tricot on the market. Products like Orion Rec and Sirius Rec offer a shiny look suitable for swimwear and dancewear, focusing on eco-friendliness.



New Recycled Performance: Eco-Friendly High-Performance Fabrics

The New Recycled Performance line offers 74 color choices, balancing functionality and environmental care. Recycled textiles like chlorine-resistant Sprint and shiny Firefly are made for active and swimwear, prioritizing performance and eco-consciousness.


Key Benefits of the Fahrenheit Collection

  • Low Minimum Orders and Large Color Assortment: The collection is available by single roll (approximately 77 yards) and offers over 225 colors.
  • High Quality: The fabrics are made in Vietnam according to the Italian knitting tradition.
  • Sustainable Textile: Our stretch fabrics are sourced from an OEKO-TEX-certified facility in Vietnam. Additionally, they are GRS certified, ensuring global standards in recycling.
  • Advanced Printing Capabilities: The nylon fabrics are perfect for digital ink direct printing, while our polyester items are ideal for beautiful sublimation printing, offering versatility in design and application.
  • Diverse Applications: Each fabric group in the Fahrenheit Collection is uniquely suited for specific uses, from activewear to swimwear, ensuring you have the perfect fabric for every creation.

Explore the entire Fahrenheit Collection and witness how sustainability, quality, and creativity come together to redefine the fabric industry.

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