What is Digital Fabric Printing?

What is Digital Fabric Printing?
03/15/2018 Marketing
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What is Digital Fabric Printing?

Digital fabric printing is a popular high-tech printing process with tons of possibilities

The Technology Behind It

Digital printing is a very exciting development in the fabric industry. This type of printing opens opportunities for customization, small run printing, and experimentation!

Digital printing uses inkjet printing technology which is used for paper printing applications. So with technological developments, wide-format printers became available to handle anything from paper to vinyl, and of course why you are reading this, fabric!

So during the printing process, the fabric goes through the printer using rollers. As it goes through the printer, the ink laying goes on in layers with many passes of the printer. When the design is complete, you heat and/or steam to cure it. When that’s all said and done, you have your printed fabric!

Design & Customization

The best part, the designs! Customize to your liking or create a digital print with many graphic design programs. Scanned photographs or existing artwork work as well. Digital printing allows you to find or create the perfect print for your garments!

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Advantages of Digital Printing


Every yard you print can be completely customized and personalized. Different colors, shapes, layouts, etc!

Faster Process

For sampling purposes, digital printing can give you these small runs quickly. You no longer need to search high and low for a print and it becomes unavailable when you need it. You can get your pattern fast and have the print be exactly what you want!

Keeping On Fashion Trends

The traditional screen printed fabrics have a slow turn around time and make it difficult to stay on top of fashion trends. With digital printing, it’s an efficient process to go from the design stage to printing in a much faster timeline. This means you can take advantage of current fashion trends!

The opportunities are endless with digital fabric printing! Find the perfect fabric for you in our digital print library! With the ability to customize, you can create the best print for you and your customers! To learn more about the digital printing process check out this great article.

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