The Power of Fabric Finishes for Activewear

The Power of Fabric Finishes for Activewear
11/17/2023 Zonel Picadizo
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The Power of Fabric Finishes for Activewear


When designing activewear, the fabric you choose is just the starting point. The unique finishes applied to those fabrics are where the magic truly happens. The suitable fabrics finishes can provide the visual appeal, comfort, and performance your activewear demands. In this post, we’ll explore three of our favorite finishes for leveling up your activewear fabrics: brushed, peached, and sanded. Let’s dive in!

Brushed – Soft and Cozy

Brushing gently lifts fibers to create a warm, fuzzy feel that’s perfect for cooler-weather activewear and loungewear. It adds warmth without weight, keeping you toasty.

Some brushed bestsellers:

– FlexSoft – super soft intro to brushing
– Brushed Olympus – enhanced the coziness
– Thermal Tricot – warmth for cold days

Activewear that’s perfect for:

– Cold weather workouts – stay toasty!
– Loungewear – lazy Sundays in luxury.
– Sleepwear – who doesn’t want comfy PJs?

Peached – Smooth as Skin

Peached finishes create a sleek, smooth surface by removing loose fibers. The result is a luxurious, elegant feel – like silk for activewear.

Why go peached?

– Premium feel – total luxury vibes
– Long-lasting – enhances durability
– Elegant aesthetic – polished appearance


– Unity Peach Plus – luxury meets performance
– Endurance Bi-Peach – enhancing recycled activewear
– Vigor – perfect print base for softness and quality

Sanded – Flexible Functionality

Sanded finishes boost flexibility and comfort through an ultra-soft, velvety texture. The process enhances natural stretch and mobility – perfect for performance activewear.

Sanded serves up:

– Improved stretch – complete freedom
– Soft feel – maximum comfort
– Athletic vibe – ready for action

Our sanded selections:

– Sanded High Count – softness + strength
– Micro Poly Sanded Boardshort – water-ready woven


Which Finish is Right for You?

Here are some tips on choosing finishes:

– Cozy and Cold – go brushed
– Luxury and Laidback – go peached
– Active and Athletic – go sanded

So, there you have it – our top three finishes for elevating activewear fabrics. Each provides unique benefits to give your designs precisely what they need. Ready to get started? Browse our complete collection of brushed, peached, and sanded fabrics. And as always, our team is here to answer any questions!

The world of fabric finishes is constantly evolving. There are new techniques being discovered daily for improving look, feel, and function. We stay on the cutting edge to offer our customers the latest and greatest. Still have questions? Reach out anytime! We’re always happy to help guide you to the perfect fabrics and finishes for your vision.

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