New Spandex Ombre Fabric!

New Spandex Ombre Fabric!
01/12/2017 admin

WE are proud to announce our NEW Ombre fabrics available for you now! These are production by order, so get your orders in now with your sales rep! These Ombre designs are printed on our Jewels fabric to give the fabric an add glitz. Keep in mind lead times are around 3 weeks and there is a 1 roll minimum. Call your sales rep now at 844-827-4206 for more information!

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LSF^FPT236C1| Aqua-Marine Violet Ombre on Jewels (Click HERE to view all info)

Purple Ombre on Pink Tourm, ombre fabric, ombre spandex fabric, wholesale ombre fabric

FPT238C1 | Purple Ombre on Pink Tourm on Jewels (Click HERE to view all info)

Turquoise Ombre on Turquoise Jewels, ombre fabric, wholesale ombre fabric, wholesale ombre fabric

FPT240C1 | Turquoise Ombre on Turquoise Jewels (Click HERE to view all info)

Pink-White Ombre, ombre fabric, spandex ombre fabric

FPT237C1 | Pink-White Ombre on pink Tourm Jewels (Click HERE to view all info)