March Uniform Madness

March Uniform Madness
04/03/2012 admin


Now that March Madness is over, I have taken a step back to reflect on the most eye-catching part of the tournament- the uniforms.

Although our favorite fiber spandex took a back seat (for the men at least), polyester jerseys shined on the court in unique new forms.  With the start of March Madness, Adidas introduced its new line of basketball gear under adizero performance apparel.   According to Adidas, the adizero uniforms worn by teams such as Baylor and Louisville are 28% lighter than before, are unlined, and even have built in compression features.  That’s the kind of active-wear apparel we’ve been waiting for!

And for all of you who wished fashion week would return instead of NCAA basketball mania, you were no doubt pleasantly surprised with the style of the uniforms this year.  From Kansas’ classic ‘Americana’ jerseys to Marquette’s stylized blue, navy, and yellow stripe details, the runway hit the courts this year.  Check out Baylor’s neon yellow tribute to fashion week above and click the image to see the new uniform trends that swept the nation faster then you can say….Kentucky?


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