Laser Cut Fabric Taking Over Fashion Week

Laser Cut Fabric Taking Over Fashion Week
07/18/2018 Marketing
laser cut fabric

Laser Cut Fabric Taking Over Fashion Week

Pine Crest is excited to announce the launch of hundreds of laser cut designs and custom design options for you! With this launch, it is just in to see laser cut fabric is quickly becoming the hottest trend to create fun and intricate activewear look. Advancing technology allows synthetic fabrics to be cut with fantastic results with a laser system.

From polyester to nylon, a laser system can cut them all! Now, what are the benefits of laser cutting fabric?

  • The highly accurate precision cut of a laser provides you with great consistency and control
  • The cut edge is cleanly seared to prevent fraying
  • Increased speed and higher cutting throughput.
  • Automated and computer-controlled cutting ability.
  • An extremely small cut width allows for precise, detailed work.
  • Excellent product appearance

Taking Fashion Week By Storm

With those benefits in mind, it makes sense that laser cut fashion is popping up all over fashion week! From Miami Swim Week to Paris Fashion Week, laser cut designs give added dimension to looks from everyday activewear to couture fashion. The versatility in this technology allows designers to create with whatever point of view they have, from the romantic to the architectural, to develop pieces that stand out from the crowd.

With these looks being seen all over fashion week, our launch of laser cut designs options are coming at the perfect time. You’ll be able to create looks in your style while getting the added value of eye-catching laser cut designs!

Want to find out more about our hundreds of laser cut designs or custom options? Call out sales representatives to find out about our designs or getting a custom design done on our fabric: (844) 827-4206!