New Swim Prints Trend Report!

New Swim Prints Trend Report!
05/04/2018 Marketing
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New Swimwear Prints!

New swim prints are HERE! As spring gets us closer to summer, the main swim trends going around are florals and jungle prints! Classic florals and that fun jungle look are taking the apparel world by storm!

Graphic prints instantly elevate your designs to make the perfect summer suit on the beach. Both print trends create a fun, flirty and fashionable look we all want to have this summer! This week, Pine Crest Fabrics is featuring the latest in swim print trends.

In our Digital Print Library, we have OVER 7,000 prints for you to choose from to find that perfect summer print. The best part? These prints can be customized to your exact liking to give you that one-of-a-kind prints no other competitor will have on the market! Change the scale and colors to your specific needs. These prints can also be reproduced on any base cloth we have to give you not only the hottest prints in the water but on land as well!

This week, we are featuring the 6 NEW prints that were just added to the site! Check them out below: