What makes tricot different than other knit fabrics?

What makes tricot different than other knit fabrics?
September 9, 2011 admin

Tricot (pronounced tre-ko) is a warp-knitted fabric, meaning it has continuous lengthwise columns of loops. These lengthwise loops, or wales, are what give tricot a smooth surface on the face, and a textured back. Since the structure of the closed knit in a lengthwise direction creates ribs on the front and crosswise ribs on the back, tricot is both a soft and strong knit structure. Tricot fabrics are produced on a flat bed knitting machine, as opposed to a circular knitting machine. They have excellent wrinkle and run resistance, as well as good drape-ability. A tricot knit is ideal for active-wear, especially when it is composed of Nylon Spandex or Polyester Spandex blends, as it allows the body to breathe while providing support and comfort of a 4-way stretch. Your Pine Crest Fabrics sales representative can tell you more about our solid Spectrum tricot line, and other tricot fabrics that we carry. As always, we hope you find this helpful (Textilenerd.wordpress.com).

Tricot Knit Structure (http://accessscience.com/content/Textile/687400)


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