How Performance Fabric Affects Your Athletic Performance

How Performance Fabric Affects Your Athletic Performance
04/26/2016 admin

Benefits of Activewear Fabric

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Pine Crest has many different types of performance or activewear fabric. These fabrics are known as “value-added textiles.” With elements such as moisture wicking, compression, breathability, and UV protection the fabrics are engineered to perform.


Let us break it down for you:

Moisture Wicking: To begin, most wicking fabric is made from polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fabric and doesn’t retain as much moisture as natural fabrics. What makes wicking fabric different from regular polyester blend fabrics is the way it’s woven. The way that wicking materials are woven, the moisture is forced into and through the gaps in the weave so it can find the outer shell of the material. The weave itself makes the material highly permeable. Many of these materials are also chemically treated so that moisture won’t soak into it.

Compression: This performance fabric is highly engineered with elastic gradient compression created by the spandex fibers used. Compression fabric lessens vibrations, reduces fatigue, increases blood flow, improves performance, and expedites recovery. We have compression stretch fabric which allows even more mobility, while still maintaining a firm compression.

Breathability: Breathe comfort fabric limits the trapping of heat in the fabric. Through accelerated evaporation, the fabric keeps you dry and cool longer. The ultra-soft and lightweight fibers used to create this fabric reduce friction, enabling your body to stay cool and perform.

UV Protection: Many of Pine Crest’s fabrics are inherently UV Protective because of the way the fabric is woven. The weave, color, weight, and stretch are all factors in the UPF rating. When testing the fabric for the UPF rating, the test usually includes a wet and dry result. There are chemical treatments that can be added to fabrics in order to ensure a high performing UPF rating.

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