Wet Printing vs Sublimation Printing

Wet Printing vs Sublimation Printing
November 17, 2011 admin

During the wet printing process, dye is applied directly to the fabric.  This is typically done with an acid dye on a nylon-based fabric. Usually this method can achieve brighter colors because of the nylon base cloth.  Because the dyes do penetrate all the way through during the wet print process, it is easy to identify by the back of the fabric.

During heat transfer, or sublimation, printing, a printed design is transferred from paper to fabric using both heat and pressure for a specific amount of time- called dwell time.  With sublimation printing, the solid dye is actually turned into a gas form when it is heated.  This is often done on fabrics containing polyester in the blend as they can withstand higher temperatures during the dying process. You will also be pleased to find out the images on a sublimation print are unlikely to fade, even on your favorite active wear stretch fabrics!


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