Activewear Fabric Trends 2022

Activewear Fabric Trends 2022
07/22/2021 Amanda Blackman

After analyzing and researching the market trends, we have uncovered this season’s activewear fabric trends 2022 are fresh colors, comfortable, and sustainable. These changes reflect our current mood, which is to be happy with what we’re wearing. Consumers are moving back into the office, still working from home, and “people are reevaluating what they want to wear, maybe for the first time since they were kids,” argues Karen, who serves as a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

According to WGSN, the World Global Style Network, natural and nostalgic tones will continue to hold sway, and so will cheerful, celebratory brights. WGSN also mentions that “consumers will be seeking calming, restorative shades that can provide balance and connect them to nature as an everyday healing practice.” PCF connects with the upcoming trends through color and fabric construction. Four significant trends that set a timeless mood year-round are Natural Habitat, Urban Athlete, Garden Party, and High Tech. Not only are these trends forecasted into 2022 and 2023, but they are helping to shape a more sustainable mindset for the industry. Take a look below at the styles and colors that PCF sees trending into 2022.


Natural Habitat

Ground yourself with these earth-inspired tones. There is no better way to channel a serene nature-inspired activewear look than with a REPREVE recycled fabric and moody hues. We have updated our Endurance Collection with four new colors selected for 2022. Hydrangea captures the beauty of a showstopping flower, Simply Taupe brings soft sandy vibes, Lilac Grey inspires a delicate floral feeling, and Sea Pink shares the sunset hues that bring a sense of harmony. Stay in step with nature and reconnect to our planet by evolving your activewear designs using these NEW recycled Endurance colors. 13 plastic bottles go into each yard of Endurance. All together, REPREVE has recycled 26,000,000,000 water bottles around the world. 


Urban Athlete

Urban Athletics has been growing in popularity for the past few years, and this trend will continue to become more mainstream in 2022. Designers grab inspiration from sports uniforms, different cultures, and city-based artists to create stylish new Athleisure looks designed for functionality and performance. As the world moves on from 2020, many people will continue working from home, causing the desire for comfort to growing tremendously. Luxurious feeling fabrics, styling, and design are the top three aspects of the Urban Streetwear trend. Our Merit collection is durable and perfect for any streetwear sport-influenced design. Merit also has excellent coverage, high abrasion resistance, moisture-wicking capabilities, and four-way stretch to create any look inspired by streetwear fashion. 


Garden Party

Step in outside and take a deep breath of the countryside air! In recent seasons, Cottagecore Garden Party has quickly become a trend popping up on feeds all over social media. According to Davina Ogilvie, founder of Wovn Home, Cottagecore, “[a]esthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic.” Imagine sitting in an open field relaxing with the sweet scent of wildflowers after a fulfilling workout. Floral prints, pastel shades, and cozy softness delightfully describe this trend. Slip into the fantasy with our Dharma activewear fabric collection, a heathered circular knit with a wicking finish. Available in six beautiful colors, which are perfect for elevating feelings of relaxation and wellness both during and after exercise.


High Tech

Take it up a notch with new high-tech performance wear fabrics. Each year we see technological advances, with many of these innovations becoming accessible to the sports industry. Buzz is growing around phrases like wearable tech and “smart” clothing. Currently, PCF doesn’t carry fabrics with sensors yet; we provide options that keep athletes performing their best for extended periods. Our Jaguar collection has many components and properties that will take performance to a higher level. The Jaguar fabric features high elasticity, UV protection, and a moisture management formula that allows the material to handle internal moisture, thus making garments pleasant to wear. We currently stock three colors, Black, Amaranta, and Topaz, at our Portland Warehouse, with an additional 102 colors available by the single roll! 



Check out our in-stock activewear fabrics; stocked in Portland, you can build a color palette for any trend. Bring your next collection to life featuring our on-trend Activewear Fabric Trends 2022. 


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