Advantages of Moisture Wicking Fabric

Advantages of Moisture Wicking Fabric
06/08/2018 Marketing
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Wicking Fabric Material

You might be wondering what exactly wicking fabric material is. Wicking material draws the sweat and moisture away from your body up to the surface of the material. This material draws out the moisture and releases it into the drier environment away from your overheated skin. This helps to evaporate the sweat and heat more easily than wearing your basic cotton shirt to keep you cool and dry.

When it is a basic tee or pant made from something like cotton, sweat soaks the material.  This traps the moisture between the surface of the fabric and your skin, making it impossible to evaporate. Not only would you feel damp, this runs the risk of making you feel overheated or too cold. Moisture-wicking material is different. This material has tiny capillaries (or very small openings) that give liquid the ability to flow to the surface of the material for evaporation. Most synthetic materials, like polyester, can be woven together to create these gaps and begin the action of drawing moisture away!

Advantages of Moisture-Wicking Fabric

With the material in mind, it is easy to see some of the benefits of keeping dry and cool! The first and most obvious advantage is that it is great for hot weather. We sweat to keep cool. We also exert our bodies during exercise. Combine that with warm weather, we have more sweat than usual. When you have moisture-wicking apparel, it will release the heat that would have otherwise been trapped inside the material.

Another advantage that is not often thought about is that it is also beneficial in cold weather. Even in icy or cold conditions, our bodies sweat during fun activities. This can make your clothing wet and put you at risk of hypothermia while wearing this wet clothing in the cold. Again, the wicking material will help evaporate that moisture to get you dry and lower any risk in this type of weather.

In either weather scenario, this makes the next advantage clear. Wicking fabric is breathable and hides precipitation. This material does not allow sweat to absorb and leaves you feeling weighed down by your clothes. It also hide those pesky sweat stains we all get while working out! The built-in capillaries allow for air flow throughout the material leaving you dry and cool.

Finally, this wonderful fabric helps prevent chafing! Especially while running, damp clothes is known to worsen the friction and rubbing that causes that dreaded chafing. Thankfully, you are less likely to have this pain and annoyance with this material keeping you dry.

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