The Future of Sustainable Stretch Fibers

The Future of Sustainable Stretch Fibers
09/09/2021 Amanda Blackman

The Future of Sustainable Stretch Fibers

XLANCE® Elastomer Stretch Fibers

The next generation of elastomer stretch fibers has arrived! PCF offers Nautilus Recycled and Atlantis Recycled fabrics made with XLANCE® elastomer fibers, available by the single roll in 48 colors. Compared to spandex and Lycra®, XLANCE® has many beneficial properties making it the future of high-performance spandex fabric for competitive swimwear, cycling, or other high-intensity sport. What sets XLANCE® apart from regular spandex is science and technology. This high-tech fiber is chlorine-proof, lotion/cream resistant, and provides the highest UV protection. It also takes sublimation printing beautifully. Fabric made with XLANCE® fibers is more sustainable and helps boost your sports performance when you need it most. Below we have broken down some key components that make this new stretch fiber so highly rated.

Chlorine Proof

These fabrics provide innovative technology for the swimwear market. XLANCE® is extraordinarily resistant to chlorine thanks to its capacity to resist oxidative degradation. Upon exposing XLANCE® to swimming pool conditions, it retains its physical properties for hundreds of hours. When testing spandex and Lycra® fibers in chlorine, considerable damage is done to the fibers, leading to excessive breakage within the same exposure time. Conquer hours in the pool with XLANCE® elastomer fibers! XLANCE® remains fully intact after prolonged chlorine exposure outperforming all other stretch fibers on the market.


XLANCE® increases high-performance qualities for sportswear garments. The unique elastic properties of this fiber are everlasting, with inherent resistance to UV rays and sweat. Nautilus Rec and Atlantis Rec fabrics improve moisture regain, which helps reduce dry time and enhance comfort. These features help support the body and improve mobility.


With XLANCE®, elasticity is made sustainable through an eco-friendly manufacturing process that extends the garment’s life cycle. Production of these fibers uses 100% renewable energy and techniques with low Co2 emissions. The clean melting process used to make XLANCE® is solvent-free, different from the well-known dry chemical process. XLANCE® is committed to substantial energy savings starting in 2021, sourcing 100% of electricity from renewable energy and keeping a temperature set at 120 degrees celsius to ensure low Co2 emissions.

Another exciting aspect of XLANCE® is the reduced microplastic release. This fiber sheds considerably less during machine washing when compared to traditional stretch fibers like spandex and Lycra®. Testing has shown no tendency for XLANCE® to shed microfibers, not even after exposure to harsh agents, weathering, or aging due to its extreme chemical and physical resistance. Overall, this new high-tech fiber in our Nautilus Rec and Atlantis Rec fabrics has a low environmental footprint: less production waste and a reduction in landfill content.


XLANCE® is proud to have a state-of-the-art scientific laboratory called XLAB. In this facility, the XLANCE® team tests fibers and discovers new ideas. Having a cutting-edge lab provides flexibility in product design and allows for innovations at any stage. We test our Nautilus Rec and Atlantis Rec fabrics for UVA and UVB radiations, which hold protection over any other fiber.

When tested with heat, XLANCE® fibers can withstand high temperatures due to their construction of covalent crosslinks. These fibers can survive high temperatures without compromising their integrity and stretch performance. Fabrics made with XLANCE® fibers achieve superior color saturation in the sublimation printing process compared to textiles made with spandex or Lyrca®, which break after high heat treatments.

XLANCE® provides superior performance, protection, and comfort to any active garment. PCF is honored to be a part of XLANCE®’s vision of sustainable production, working toward a truly circular economy and closing the loop with recycling technology.

Start your next high-performance collection with these new fabric innovations and take a look at our Nautilus Recycled and Atlantis Recycled fabrics made with XLANCE® fibers!